Infection Control

Equipment Maintenance

All equipment provided by Optimal Rehab will be disinfected, maintained according to manufacturer's guidelines and properly stored.


  1. All Durable Medical Equipment will be tested and evaluated per manufactures recommendation.
  2. Optimal Rehab will maintain service manuals for all equipment that it provides and services.
  3. Equipment will be segregated in the warehouse in the following designated areas : (Dirty, Clean, Repair/Check and Quarantine Area).
  4. Dirty equipment will be kept separated from clean when transporting back to the organization. All disposables will be left at the client's residence.
  5. All dirty equipment will be placed in the dirty equipment area. 
  6. Equipment will be disinfected will be placed with an approved disinfectant that maintains contact in accordance to manufactures recommendations.
  7. After proper disinfecting, equipment will be moved to the repair/check station for verification of operation.
  8. Repair work will only be done by staff that have been properly trained and certified by the manufacture. Certificates will be filed in their personnel file or available in the warehouse. 
  9. When repairs are required that Optimal Rehab is not authorized to perform the equipment will be sent to either the manufacture or an authorized service company. All repairs will be documented and maintained for the lifetime of the equipment. 
  10. Optimal Rehab does not offer calibration services both as repair of servicing. Optimal Rehab's policy is to send out all CPM machines regularly every 3 months for maintenance purposes to a Licensed Manufacture of CPM Repair & Maintenance. Optimal Rehab does not maintain inventory of tools that require calibration.
  11. Equipment passing operation verification will be bagged, tagged and placed in "patient ready" area.
  12. Equipment requiring repair will remain in the repair/check area and tagged "Do NOT Use Waiting On Parts".
  13. Obsolete Equipment will be stored in a designated area.
  14. Expired products including will be placed in a quarantined area.
  15. A history of all maintenance will be maintained. Maintenance documentation will contain the following :
  • Tracking location of equipment for the life of the equipment.
  • Manufactures Serial Number.
  • Documentation of preventive maintenance.
  • Documentation of cleaning of equipment between patients.
  • Hours at each testing/ cleaning/ PM for equipment utilizing hour meters.
  • Operation Verification
  • Repair of equipment when failing operation verification.