Upper Extremity Braces

Product Description

For more than 14 years Bio Cybernetics orthopedic products has met, and exceeded, the expectations of providers throughout the health care fields. Bio Cybernetics Medical Supplies has used patented brace and wrap technology to become a leader in providing military, EMS, and hospitals with medical supplies and orthopedic tools. Mechanical Advantage products combine and create bio mechanics for patient comfort and support that are unmatched in the field. Providing patients with superior comfort and relief, the orthopedic products from Bio Cybernetics offer the most effective, controllable, and safest methods of treating aches and pains with compression.


  • CyberTech TLSO
  • Cruciform Brace
  • CyberTech BiMod Chairback System
  • CyberTech Body Jacket
  • CyberTech MA Std.,(Mech.Advantage Std)
  • CyberTech MAS (Mech. Advantage S.P.I.N.E.)


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