General Questions

Q Why order a CPM From Optimal Rehab?
A Optimal Rehab maintains one of the largest CPM inventories in CA and a patient will never have to wait for a CPM.
In addition Optimal Rehab carries CPM’s for the Ankle, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Toe, Hip and Shoulder (Bed-Mount or Chair-Mount).
For a need for the Bariatric patient we also carry units for them
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Q Does Optimal Rehab offer 24 hour service?
A Yes, Optimal Rehab has staff available 24 hours a day including holidays for any problems a patient may encounter, whether a trouble shoot call or replacement of equipment and or delivery to a hospital or patient home.
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Q Once an order has been placed how quickly can I expect delivery?
A Optimal Rehab has a 1-3 hour turnaround policy once a order has been received.
For patients that are in the outer laying counties then we guarantee within 4-6 hour delivery.
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Q What areas does Optimal Rehab Cover?
A Optimal Rehab covers the following counties:
Santa Barbara, Kern, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Riverside, Orange and San Diego.
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Q Does Medicare cover a CPM and what types are covered?
A Medicare covers the following CPM’s useing the following Medicare guidelines.
The Knee, Shoulder and Hip CPM’s are covered as long as the following conditions have been met:
The patient has received a Total Joint Replacement, the CPM is applied within 48 hours surgery, and will only pay for 21 days from the date of surgery.
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Q Why do I need a CPM?
A Your doctor has ordered this device to work in conjunction with your physical therapy program, however they are also ordered and used for the following reasons:

Increases range of motion.
Promotes healing of the joint surfaces and soft tissues.
Reduces the development of adhesions and scar tissue.
Decreases stiffness in the joint and reduces swelling and pain